Since 2015, MIA is a leading academic and scientific platform that follows the latest developments in the field of implantology, discusses clinical challenges and shares valuable experiences. It enables interactive discussions on a wide range of topics, from treatment planning to procedures, from handling complications to practice management.

MIA is a guide for specialists seeking in-depth information on the practice of implantology. Here you have the opportunity to shape the future practice of implant dentistry in the light of the most innovative treatment plans and procedures in the field. Miacademy combines the art of implantology with the latest scientific data.

Message from the Chairman

The traces of technology advancing beyond imagination have brought many innovations to the field of dentistry and this has led to intensive research and studies. Mode Implant, our founding partner, provided us with all the material we needed to prepare our scientific studies.

Mode Implant operates in more than 40 countries and was awarded "Manufacturer of the Year" in 2018 and has 2 Gold Medals from Geneva and Germany for the success of Mode RAPID implants in primary stabilization with academically documented scientific studies.

MIA team, which has carried out many successful scientific studies in the sector, aims to be a reference source in the national and international arena with its awards, experience and self-confidence.

With kind regards and respect

Prof. Dr. Hasan Meri├ž

Periodontology, Istanbul Ayd─▒n University


Message from the Chairman

Our Vision

MIA was founded in 2015 as a community of interdisciplinary experts with the aim of conducting research and development in the emerging field of implant dentistry on a voluntary and idealistic basis. From the moment of its foundation, this idealism, blended with science and experience, was a step towards starting a transformation in the world of implantology. This beginning is the foundation of the Miacademy's success today.

Today, MIA moves forward with a vision that grows with each passing year, never losing sight of its initial ideals. It continues to explore the infinite potential of science and experience, opening new horizons in the field of implantology with the contribution of each of its members.

In the future, with the same enthusiasm and excitement, we will continue to enlighten the world of implant dentistry, representing the power of interdisciplinary unity.



MIA Scientific Study Committee is led by a leading team that opens the doors to a world full of scientific research and innovative projects. We aim to move science forward with a passion for in-depth scientific discoveries and unique research in the field of implant dentistry.

As MIA Scientific Study Committee, our mission is to promote progress in the field of implantology based on a strong scientific foundation. We are here to raise the standards in the industry by shedding light on the latest developments in the industry through knowledge, innovation and quality research, helping our participants to expand their scientific knowledge.


MIA Training Committee is a dynamic unit led by a team of experts with a deep passion for knowledge and learning in the field of implant dentistry and a mission to share this knowledge and experience.

MIA Training Committee is driven by the vision of sharing the most up-to-date information in the industry, sharing your experiences with others and increasing the knowledge in the field of implant dentistry.

Our committee ensures that participants keep their knowledge up to date through interactive educational sessions, seminars and topical workshops.


MIA membership represents an innovative vision and deep knowledge in the field of implant dentistry. We contribute to the industry with our commitment to shaping the dental practices of the future and our extensive experience.

As Miacademy members, we care deeply about sharing our knowledge and experience within and outside the industry. By contributing to our community, we come together to raise the standards in the practice of implant dentistry and support the success of our colleagues. Through knowledge sharing and collaboration, we are building a stronger future together with other professionals in the industry.

Our solution partners

Mode Implant

Mode Implant is a founding partner of Miacademy. Mode Implant and MIA aim to transform the practice of implant dentistry by bringing together scientific excellence and technology. This partnership combines their strengths to contribute to the health of patients as well as to lead the industry. Full of knowledge, experience and innovation, this union continues to shape the future of implant dentistry.
Mode Implant provides financing, expertise, technical and administrative support to Miacademy.

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mode implant


One of the innovative leaders in the world of digital dentistry, Exocad is Miacademy's solution partner in digital dentistry software. It acts with the vision of transforming dental practices by bringing technology and design together. By providing digital solutions to dental professionals, Exocad continuously develops innovative approaches to enable patients to achieve more natural and aesthetic results.

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