Autogenous Bone Harvesting Methods and Graftless Implantology

Autogenous Bone Harvesting Methods and Graftless Implantology

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Autogenous bone application procedures without the need for synthetic materials in bone tissue deficiencies will be discussed
With this course where theoretical knowledge will be reinforced with practice; dentists will gain the practice to successfully rehabilitate all indications without using synthetic materials.

Theoretical Scientific Section:

  • Autogenous bone collection and application procedures in implant applications
  • Physiology of autogenous bone and philosophy of soft tissue regeneration
  • Sinus Lift methods with and without graft and long-term success
  • Lateral and vertical bone block construction methods

Hands-On Practical Application:

Phantom Jaws;

  • Autogenous bone harvesting methods and autogenous technique in implant applications
  • Block bone harvest protocols
Soft Tissue Management in Sheep Heads;

  • Kazanjian Vestibuloplasty, Roll-Flep, Apical Reposition Flap, Palatina Pedicled Flap Applications
  • Suture techniques

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