Digital Workflow in Implant Retained Restorations

Digital Workflow in Implant Retained Restorations

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Features of user software of intraoral scanners, digital impression techniques in implant-supported restorations, correct product selection according to the case and the most effective workflow between clinician and technician.

Theoretical Scientific Section

  • The roadmap of digitalization in implant prostheses.
  • The journey from analog impression taking to impression taking with intraoral scanner.
  • Ti-base abutment and implant abutment selection
  • Clinical and laboratory workflow in digital impression taking.

Hands-On Practical Application

  • Introduction of digital prosthetic products
  • Working principles of intraoral scanners
  • Digital impression collection methods
  • Digital impression taking on phantom model with implant
  • Transfer of the intraoral digital impression to the design laboratory
  • Collaboration between clinician and laboratory in restoration planning

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