Implant in Every Aspect: QUATTROFIX

Implant in Every Aspect: QUATTROFIX

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Fast and fixed rehabilitation of total edentulism with QUATTROFIX surgery, which is applied by placing and immediate loading of four straight and angled implants, will be discussed in this course.

Theoretical Scientific Section 

  • Philosophy of QUATTROFIX Rehabilitation and patient selection
  • Surgical angulation of implants and expansion of the prosthetic base
  • Four implant immediate loading procedures
  • Choosing the right implant and ideal abutment
  • Edante case preoperative
  • From plan to final QUATTROFIX

Hands-On Practical Application 

Phantom Jaws

  • Introduction of surgical and prosthetic parts
  • Quattrofix Surgery on Model
  • Adaptation of implant supported prosthetic components
  • Implant impression techniques and loading of temporary prosthesis

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