Dr. G├╝ven├ž Uz
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

MIA Member

Dr. G├╝ven├ž Uz
  • In 1993, he graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry.
  • Between 1993-1996, he completed his PhD program in Maxillofacial Surgery at Aachen University in Germany.
  • Between 2006-2009, he worked in private clinics in various countries in Europe.
  • Since 2009, he has been working as a maxillofacial surgeon in his own clinic in Istanbul.
  • He is a founding member of Miacademy and continues to organize workshops and seminars and live surgical trainings in Bulgaria, Iraq and Albania universities.
  • In particular; He gives trainings in national and international congresses and symposiums on the importance of radiographic examination and atraumatic tooth extractions, preparation of the extraction socket, implant positioning techniques and immediate implant surgery protocols.
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