Dr. Sina Sayg─▒l─▒
Prosthodontics Istanbul University

Training C. | Scientific C.

Dr. Sina Sayg─▒l─▒
  • After graduating from Istanbul German High School with a double high school diploma with Abitur, Sina Sayg─▒l─▒ completed his undergraduate education at Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry. As of 2022, he completed his doctorate program in the department of Prosthodontics, Total Partial Dentures. 
  • He has been involved in many associations throughout his education life, and mainly served in the board of directors of the World Association of Dental Students (International Association of Dental Students) - IADS between 2013-2018 and represented our country by serving as President in 2016 and is an honorary member of the organization.
  • Sayg─▒l─▒, who is closely interested in Digital Dentistry applications, Prosthetic Treatments, Occlusion and Temporomandibular Joint Disorders, gives National and International trainings apart from his scientific studies. He is the education coordinator of Trigemy Online education platform.
  • In order to share his knowledge and experience, he founded a team called 220VDentistry in 2020 and publishes on Youtube, Instagram and Telegram platforms with this team. 
  • He speaks advanced German and English.
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